5 Treffer
Fr, 10. Jun 2022 - Nachtprogramm
00:00 Subtracks - To Released: Juni 2022 #55b
Die Resterampe und die Beschaffungskriminalität.
02:00 Digital in Berlin - Recommended #179b
D/B Radio with a view to bringing different styles and directions in music to a wider audience, and so fostering music that has a formidable and extraordinary approach.
03:30 Stroko - Girls in the Garage: Psych an beyond #68
It’s all in a technicolour dream: Bubblegumsike trifft Schokoladengarage. Musiksendung mit Stroko.
05:00 Begilufin - Berlin Live #48b
Begilufin trys to bring a taste from the great diversity of the rich music world. With different sounds, old and new, vibes from different eras, different lands and Israeli music scene.
06:00 - 07:00 The Brain - Die Mini-Dadashow #128c
Providing freaky music since 1999. For those who wonder: What is The Brain? Listen this!